Club Policies

Beaconsfield Cricket Club is committed to ensuring that all young people, who are involved in the Club's cricketing activities, have a positive experience in a safe and open environment.

The Club is committed to developing and implementing policies and procedures which ensure that everyone in the Club knows and accepts their responsibility in relation to a duty of care for young people. It is committed to ensuring that there are correct and comprehensive reporting procedures, by promoting good practice and sound recruitment procedures for all individuals involved in the Club's social and cricketing activities.

Core to Beaconsfield's approach is its adoption of the ECB Safe Hands "Cricket's Policy for Safeguarding Children" (October 2007) and any future versions of the policy.

The Club recognizes that it is not the responsibility of those Club officers, volunteers or members to determine if abuse has taken place, but it is their responsibility to act upon and report any concerns. The policies set out a framework to fulfil the Club's commitment to good practice and the protection of young people in its care within cricket. This policy applies either directly or indirectly to all individuals working within the Club (in a paid or voluntary capacity) according to their level of contact with young people in cricket.

The Club has appointed a properly trained Child Protection and Welfare Officer to whom any concerns or information received must be reported. The Welfare officer's contact details are:

Child Welfare Office
Beaconsfield Cricket Club
Wilton Park

Club officers, volunteers and members do their best to ensure the safety and protection through adherence to Club rules and guidelines.

The complete club welfare policy and procedure can be viewed here along with the consent form.


Beaconsfield Cricket Club Consent Form