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Please help us raise £28,000 for new nets!

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The current nets need to be repositioned and reconfiguring into 3 entirely
new banks of nets, at 90 degrees from the current direction to provide:

- Safe use of nets while the second ground is in use
- High quality training and practice for Colts and Seniors

Initial quotes of this improvement are circa £28,000 (but additional
quotes are being sought) and the club regards this as an essential part of
its development plan.

This investment and the future location of the nets have been fully
considered to ensure it will provide value to the club for many years to
come. It will not be affected by any redevelopment of the ground as a
result of the Wilton Park Project, nor would it jeopardise our ability to use the ground for fireworks each year or the use of the nursery square.
Any monies exceeding the appeal target would be used for additional
mobile nets for use on the ground by any player.

How to Help
Our intention is to fund this project from a mixture of sources. We are
looking to our supporters, players, parents, friends and family to help
with your kind and generous donations. Only by raising money ourselves
can we access outside funds and grants.

We hope that all members who are able to, will be prepared to support
and contribute to the appeal—no matter how small the amount. This
includes the opportunity to give regularly by standing order.
Some members might be interested in making a substantial donation
(and we already have one very generous anonymous benefactor) and
we would be delighted to discuss ways of making that as effective as
possible for you.

Help is not limited to personal financial donations. We would be delighted
to hear from anyone who might be in a position to provide commercial
sponsorship for the club or simply volunteering your time.

Please contact Sam Musk via / 07966 398018
or Martin Watts on 07879 696346.

Download the Donation Form

Many thanks for your enthusiasm and support!
Sam Musk / Fundraising